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About Us

This site is evolving out of 20 years running an innovative combination of natural health practice, networking and training organisation.  This has fostered a passion for finding out what really works for both self-help and when working as a health and wellness professional.

Why You Should Join Us

We believe that the array of natural health practices has potential to be a more powerful force when we take a step back and look at what is behind the tools, techniques, methods and rituals that make up any particular modality, and seek the common understanding that underpins them.

Healthcare needs to embrace both the materialist sciences that make up 'modern medicine' and the distilled awareness of body-mind-spirit connections that inform the best of natural healthcare.

This dual embrace will require willingness to let go of the redundant parts of each approach, and for each to recognise when it serves to draw on the work of the other.

At the centre of the challenge are different types of knowing: historical evidence based on large groups versus the intuitive knowledge of a person or practitioner about what will work now for an individual.  

Likewise, the dilemma of symptom-suppression is another point for curiosity. When will reducing suffering allow a person to shift into a new and better place, and when will it store up bigger problems for later ?

These big goals are what we want to contribute to. We do not pretend  to know all the answers. We welcome here everyone who shares this intention.

Following from this, we want to offer a place for natural health consultants to develop and share experiences aligned with these goals.

Thank You

A big thanks if you choose to join us. Your support will help us play a part balancing the dialogue between the natural health community, modern medicine, regulators and policymakers.